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Alt SODIUM ACID PHOSPHATE Dihydrate RXSOL-19-3361-058 Raw Chemicals-19 Is a saline laxative that is thought to work by increasing fluid in the small intestine.
Alt CALCIUM LIGNO SULFONATE RXSOL-19-3356-066 Raw Chemicals-19 Is an amorphous material obtained from the sulfite pulping of softwood.
Alt BARIUM CARBONATE RXSOL-19-3356-068 Raw Chemicals-19 Barium carbonate has the empirical formula CBaO3 and a molecular weight of 197.37.
Alt MPG Antifreeze Heat Transfer Liquid RXSOL-81-1586-230 Drilling Fluids & Mud Oil Field chemicals-81 Heat Transfer water mix propylene glycol liquid
Alt Emulsifier SOPEP RXSOL-25-1048-125 Deck cabin galley Maintenance-25 Specially designed for complete emulsification of oil by which subsequent dispersion takes place.
Alt Fuel System Icing Inhibitor FSII RXSOL-70-7021-210 Fuel Treatment-70 Fuel System Icing Inhibitor FSII is an additive to aviation fuels that prevents the formation of ice
Alt Turbine Condenser Cleaner RXSOL-37-5015-025 Power Plant / Heavy Industries-37 It is a specially engineered condenser coil cleaner and brightener.
Alt Marine Growth Cleaner RXSOL-25-4038-025 Deck cabin galley Maintenance-25 Cleaning agent can perfectly clean off all kinds of marine fouling such as sticky matter and ooze at
Alt Demineralised Water D.M WATER RXSOL-25-2204-005 Hand Wash / Personal care-14 Extremely high quality.