Images Title SKU Categories Product Short Description
Alt Wax Based Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection Coating RXSOL-25-1005-025 Deck cabin galley Maintenance-25 An excellent rust preventive corrosion protection coating Highly water repellant and chemically iner
Alt Ammonium PolySULPHIDE Solution RXSOL-81-1531-220 Drilling Fluids & Mud Oil Field chemicals-81 Ammonium PolySULPHIDE Solution
Alt AIRCRAFT WATER-METHANOL RXSOL-36-3556-025 Air Lines-36 Used to recover engine power at high ambient temperatures or high altitude airfields
Alt Oxygen Scavenger RXSOL-44-6119-200 Corrosion Inhibitor-44 Powerful concentrated corrosion inhibitor acts as oxygen scavengers used to effectively remove disso
Alt Methyl ester of acrylic acid (methyl acrylate) RXSOL-19-1213-240 Raw Chemicals-19 a volatile (89 hPa at 20°C) liquid under normal environmental conditions
Alt Heat Exchanger Cleaner RXSOL-25-1681-250 Deck cabin galley Maintenance-25 DISSOLVES SLUDGE THAT BUILDS UP IN HEAT EXCHANGERS.
Alt Aluminium Trichloride Anhydrous RXSOL-60-6551-002 Lab Chemical-60 Anhydrous aluminum chloride (aluminum trichloride, AlCl3) is an odorless, white or yellow crystallin
Alt CorroSafe Pipeline Guard 1300 RXSOL-81-8152-200 Drilling Fluids & Mud Oil Field chemicals-81 Oil soluble, film forming, highly dispersible pipeline corrosion inhibitor for comprehensive protect
Alt Phenol Liquid RXSOL-19-1909-061 Hand Wash / Personal care-14 Aqueous solution of phenol is weakly acidic and turns blue litmus slightly to red.
Alt Crystal Glass Etching Acid RXSOL-19-6212-050 Raw Chemicals-19 Crystal Glass Etching Acid is the best glass etching chemical for glass work